Every being capable of perceiving and processing reality, are confronted with fear, anger, shame and guilt. If these feelings are left for too long, they quickly turn into ignorance, hate and indifference.

While these emotions may seem clear, they are complex. Fear is perhaps best and easiest explained as an alarm system; but there are many forms of fear.


Fear of something life threatening

Fear of pain (both mentally and physically)

The fear of facing physical pain, heartache, being rejected, disrespected and in short, all that brings chaos and pain into our lives.


An irrational and unaccounted phobia is like being born with an allergy, it is beyond our choice. Nevertheless each must address and process their individual trials.

Existential fears

These fears arise from contemplation and reflection. Before wisdom, there must be questions and searching for truth. For example, to find yourself facing and fearing the possibility that you may be a “bad person,” is proof of a rooting self-awareness and understanding of consequences, and the greater order of things.

To fear that the world is without meaning or order is part of questioning the world around us. But I tell you; this meaning or order can be found, but only through spiritual awareness and listening.

To find our balance, we must stop, and listen. Our spirits are constantly flowing and changing, the way a river is a river, not the water that flows. There are different kinds of energy present in our spirit at all time, deciding our state of mind.


An exercise of spiritual flow


Focus on the centre of your chest. Notice if any discomfort may cause your breathing to feel shallow, heavy or unsatisfying.

Take a deep breath, relax your jaw, and ground yourself. Find a pulse in your breathing.

Imagine a beautiful beach, with waves coming in and out in the calm and steady rhythm of your breathing.

Focus deeply on the the discomfort in your chest, while your rhythm is playing in the background.

Envision a closed flower, ready to bloom.

The more you focus on the discomfort, the more it releases its grip. When you are ready, visualize your flower blooming.

Allow yourself to feel whatever may arise, and breathe steadily through it. Every time you breathe out, some of this dark energy leaves with the air.

Continue your steady breathing, and feel the cleansing power of the air, washing away old emotions, and replacing it with fresh energy.

When you feel refreshed, close your flower.



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