When I was a child, I saw the ghost, in lack of better words, of our family dog, Tova. I was about four years old. I was at first only puzzled; when I felt certain that she shouldn’t be there, I got scared.

She did not look like a ghost, she just looked like herself. She was lying at the end of the short hall, outside my parents’ door. I didn’t dare to go near her, so I fetched my mother, and showed her. It still feels strange to know that she couldn’t see her.

I often ponder upon the truth of this event. Was it real? Could it have been nothing more than the imagination of a child? It could have been, yes. The imagination of children is truly impressive.

When I started being bothered by other sightings, my mother told me that if I got scared, I could say out loud that I did not wish to see them, and they would disappear.

At first I was terrified, and I had to cover my eyes and concentrate to convince myself. After a while I just had to think it loudly enough, and in the end, they were gone. We choose what we wish to see, and sometimes we choose ignorance.



When we begin to comprehend how intensely many beings there are in this world, we may feel unimportant. You have most likely also felt as though you hardly mattered to someone who mattered a lot to you, or that there are simply so many beings that it is all pointless.

But consider this; Earth may be just another speck in the universe, but it is our whole world.

The woman you crossed on the street may seem like little more than just than; but to her child, she is her world.


Perhaps you have ever been in a relationship or a job that felt incoherently wrong. Perhaps you couldn’t find a sensible enough reason to leave, or you were scared of hurting someone, or being hurt and vulnerable yourself. Perhaps you stayed there even for a long time, and things began to get chaotic and bad.

There is a unique aching present, when we do things we don’t really want to do, even though we way wish for them. We may wish to forget something, or wish to be someone else, but it never changes the truth. Only when we see the truth, we understand the problem.


Our minds are constantly trying to deliver messages to us, most famously, through our dreams. They have a healing effect on our spirit, through processing our individual lives.

Dreams even give us leads on our buried needs and emotions.



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